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Tsutomu Yokota Watercolor Artist

Yokota Tsutomu Illustration Production

3-32-808 New life Higashi Koraibashi
Higashi Koraibashi, Chuo-ku
Osaka, 540-0039, Japan
TEL&FAX  00-81-6-6947-5560
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Artist Profile
 For more than 45 years, artist Tsutomu Yokota has pursued his passion for watercolor paintings. He was born in 1945, in the traditional town of Tatsuno, Hyogo prefecture in Japan. At the age of 16, he enrolled in a technical high school to learn to draw. Upon graduation, he was employed by Daimaru, one of the biggest department stores in Japan, in the advertisement section.
 After 5 years of dedication to Daimaru, he found his own atelier and created various forms of commercial art more freely. The Japanese economy was very strong at this time, giving excellent opportunity to explore freelance expression. During this period, he was employed as a planner of projects by both private companies and the government. In those projects, his responsibilities were to conceptualize the plans using illustrations painted in watercolor. He also created illustrations for novels, essays, and book covers written by some of Japan’s famous authors. He also served as lecturer at various art colleges and universities.
 Currently, he is devoting himself to Japanese traditional and pastoral landscape.

Yomiuri Life
Hankyu Times
Keihan Railway

* Osaka exposition (1970)
Illustrations for pavilions and events

* Summit in Okinawa (2000)
Illustration for reception rooms and dinner party

* Osaka archaeology museum
Illustrations for displays of complicated Japanese history and archaeological materials

* Illustrations for serial novels and suspense stories written by popular writers Kyotaro Nishimura, Misa Yamamura, as well as Toshizo Namba (awarded Naoki-sho)

* lectured at Kyoto Seian Art College (1985)
* lectured at Hida International Industrial Art School (2003)

* Illustration for the cover of
Monthly Magazine “Yomiuri Life” (2003)

* He colored black-and-white historical photographs taken in no-color photography age in Japan (2004).

* lecture at Kyoto Seika University (2009〜)
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